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Common Projects: Kitchens and Bathrooms


Building Regulations will be required if a kitchen or bathroom is to be installed in a room that did not have one before. This is to ensure compliance with structural stability, electrical and fire safety and adequate ventilation and drainage. More information can be found by contacting your local planning authority or you may find this information online.

Ground Floor WC

Building Regulations are required if any alterations are planned to a ground floor wc. Legislation requires that any dwelling constructed after 1999 has a ground floor wc. This is to cater for visiting wheelchair users and any alterations need to be approved to ensure that this facility has not been downgraded.

Floor Structure

If the load weight of a floor structure is to be changed significantly and work is necessary to strengthen the floor then a structural engineer or survey will be needed to assess the floor. The structural engineer will also prepare the paperwork necessary for Building Control and this will be required before work is commenced.


Each new room in a house should have adequate ventilation for general health reasons. If a new internal walls is to be installed then the ventilation in both the new and existing areas must be assessed to ensure adequate ventilation.

Mechanical Extract Fans

Mechanical Extract Fans should be installed into all new kitchens, utility rooms, bath/shower rooms and WCs that have windows that can be opened. The fan is necessary to reduce condensation and take away smells. The necessary performance of these extract fans is normally measured in litres per second (l/s) and the requirements are:

  • Kitchen - 30l/s if placed over the hob and 60lt/s if place elsewhere.
  • Utility room - 30l/s
  • Bath/shower - 15l/s with a 15 minute overrun (after the light is switched out) if there is no openable window.
  • WC - 6l/s with overrun.

Alternative rates may be applicable if the ventilation is running continuously.

Planning Advisory Services Booklet
Planning Advisory Services Booklet

To request a copy of your local Planning Advisory Services Information Booklet then please send us a request by clicking here. Make sure to include your name, full postal address and telephone number.

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